Zense Entertainment was found by Mr. Varavuth Jentanakul, a young CEO with brilliant and broad vision together with a team full of experienced young generations in the television and entertainment industry. We are moving forward on the goal of becoming content provider leader. Till now we have been creating various kind of creative programs filled with knowledge and entertainment values for both domestic & international audiences including game show, variety show, reality show and sit - com.

   Our first show “HONEYMOON FIGHT” on aired in 2010, not only created a new phenomenon in the television industry but also became one of the highest ratings show during that time. Not to mention “CP WILL YOU MARRY ME” section which is an impression for the mass until now.

   Presently, we have become a leading content provider and we have been producing innovative and refreshing programs for various country’s top TV channels as well as becoming international content provider with our own format programs which has become one of the top ratings shows either in Vietnam and Indonesia.

    With many international partners, this is the proof that TV programs created by Zense Entertainment are well accepted internationally. Another proved is the winning awards from many top international awarding events such as Asian TV Awards and Asian Academy Creative Awards. But not only TV programs that we do best, we also a top event organizer organizing many popular events such as a grand yearly event; Bangkok Street Show as well as The Money Coach, Pantomime Show and folk song concert.



    “There will be no change, if no one take the first step!” And so we, Zense Entertainment took that first step in changing the history of Thai Football by becoming the broadcasting rights holder of all Thai football matches both domestically and internationally for the period of 8 years, starting from 2021 – 2028. This rights including Thai national team of every levels both males and females, male & female Futsal national teams, TOYOTA THAI LEAGUE, Chang FA CUP, LEAGUE CUP, M-150 Championship, Omsin League Regional Championship, female Thai League, Futsal league both male and female along with ESPORTS and FANTASY LEAGUE.

    This has become the new phenomenon in Thai Football society as well as Thai football fans to experience a new level of live broadcast and variety of supported contents unlike any others before. This also include football match live on multiple platform both online and offline. We also invest heavily in storytelling, Technology, Visual Graphics and there will be a real time assessment and interesting authentic statistics from statistic firm to be use on match’s analyzing.

    Partnering up with a global company “Tencent Thailand”, together we create Sports Fan Companion Platform which can be used on website and application called “CHEER THAI”. Football Fan can easily watch the live matches and replay everywhere & every time as well as a chance to join the football community to enhance the experiencing in cheering Thai football in every aspects.

    For “SPORTAINMENT”, we combined the words Sports and Entertainment together by mixing the excitement of cheering for sports and the entertainment feeling of watching various kind of TV programs it is a concept of “More engagement! More fun! Better in every divisions!”

We also welcome all kind of opinions, ideas and information from reporters, Youtubers, influencers, commentators for the best experience in cheering for Thai football.


  • Stepping towards 8th year as the country’s leader of an independent TV content provider. Zense Entertainment also collaborating with more and more international TV content providers around the globe in developing and producing new TV programmes both our own creations and international formats. Our goal is to create happiness for all the viewer throughout the country thru several leading broadcasters as well as deliver our own creation contents into international market all around the world.
    1) Hey Mun Show Golden Tambourine
    2) Tok Sip Tid Speed
    3) Show Me The Money Thailand
    4) Crazy Market Talad Samphat
    5) Talard Det Pra Thet Thai

    • Hey Mun Show Golden Tambourine

    • Tok Sip Tid Speed

    • Show Me The Money Thailand

    • Crazy Market Talad Samphat

    • Talard Det Pra Thet Thai

  • The 7th anniversary was an extraordinary year for Zense Entertainment. As several of its programs were both nominated and awarded in Asia’s most recognition event, Asian Televeision Awards 2017. Our own creation of singing game show “Singer Auction” was awarded Best Game or Quiz Programme, Still Standing Thailand and Sing Your Face Off Thailand Season 2 were also awarded Highly Commended in Best Game or Quiz Programme and Best Adaptation of an Existing Format respectively. These awards were a proof of our expertise & experience in producing a quality TV contents of an international standard.
    1) Singer Auction
    2) Sing Your Face Off Season 3
    3) Honeymoon Fight

    • Singer Auction

    • Sing Your Face Off S.3

    • Honeymoon Fight


  • Due to a tremendous popularity of Still Standing Thailand, this year the program was granted “The Most Popular Game Show” according to Office of The National Broadcasting Thailand survey. Apart from this success, the company also lunched three more programs including two international format programs and one TV series.
    1) Spelling Star Thailand (educational quiz show for kids)
    2) The Line (outdoor game show)
    3) The Code Hunters (TV series)
    4) Singer Takes It All

    • Spelling Star Thailand

    • The Line

    • The Code Hunters

    • Singer Takes It All

  • With the rapid growth of the company and the intension to strength international content provider leader status, six more programs had been lunched including two international format programs, two our own format programs and one situation comedy.
    1) Still Standing Thailand
    2) Sing Your Face Off
    3) Jed – Sa – Ra – Tee
    4) Ha Unlimited Company
    5) The 60 seconds Game
    6) Horo Game

    • Still Standing Thailand

    • Sing Your Face Off

    • Jed – Sa – Ra – Tee

    • Ha Unlimited Company

    • The 60 seconds Game

  • After only five years, Zense Entertainment took its leading step in content provider industry by launching seven more programs which are…
    1) Do it if you can
    2) The Tricky Ladies
    3) Tee – Nean
    4) Ban – Pra – Ram – Cee
    5) Ruk – Oei
    6) Kui – Yok - Ban
    7) The Money Drop Thailand
    8) Do me a favor

    • DO It If You Can

    • The Tricky Ladies

    • Tee – Nean

    • Ban – Pra – Ram – Cee

    • Ruk – Oei

    • Kui – Yok - Ban

    • The Money Drop Thailand

    • ช่วยฉันที Do me a favor

  • Zense Entertainment Company Limited is moving forward relentlessly by producing four more programs
    1) Little Genius is a game show that focus on educating primary students in term of general education which is supported by Thailand Ministry of Education. Subsequently, due to the uprising of ASEAN community, the program had changed its name to “Little Genius – ASEAN Together”. The brand new features tended to prepare and provide cultural information toward each ASEAN country.
    2) The Bus is a street game show in which the main bus that was used as a set would travel to various communities. It delivered happiness and joyfulness to those neighbors by entertaining them with games and activities for precious rewards.
    3) With Mr. Varavuth’s foresight of Zense Entertainment international content expansion for the joyfulness of Thai audience, The Company had launched its first international format program, Step Right Up Thailand. It is a variety game show which brings out home audience to participate in a studio as they could be able to win tremendous rewards. Because of its popular and unique sequence called “Start to Strike” where home audience would drive their own vehicle to strike gigantic bowling pins with a gigantic ball in order to win a brand new Isuzu truck.
    4) The Little Novice is considered to be the first situation comedy of Zense Entertainment. The story is driven by a Buddhist novice who is eager to help out other people among his community with his teaching according to the Buddhist philosophy. The key concept of this situation comedy is to strengthen the good wills within Thai society.

    • Little Genius

    • The Bus

    • Step Right Up Thailand

    • The Little Novice

  • Zense Entertainment Company Limited had launched another two superlative programs.
    Firstly, Game – Ne – Ra – Mit is an innovative reality program in which contestants must use their creativity and maneuver to design and build public facilities with the highest recorded reward over 15 million Baht. Within that year, the program received Best Game Show Award from 24th MEKALA Forum Contest which is organized annually by Press Association of Thailand. In addition, the program was also nominated and the company had made its fame on international level again when Game – Ne – Ra – Mit was nominated for Best General Entertainment Program in 17th Asian Television Award.
    Secondly, The Top Five Thailand, a variety game show is another all-time renowned program for the company. The program sorted out a list of top five over interesting or popular subjects among Thais in which celebrities contestants must order the list correctly to win for a weekly cash prize reward. Two year later, in 2014, the program had set up a higher standard among the content provider industry. As it received Best Television Game Show Award from both MEKALA Forum Contest and Thailand Golden Television Award.

    • Game – Ne – Ra – Mit

    • The Top Five Thailand

  • Zense Entertainment Company Limited had launched its first TV program, THE HONEYMOON FIGHT, a variety game show in which marriage couples participated for a grand honeymoon trip anywhere in the world.
    The program also featured a well – known sequence called “CP will you marry me” which it had been talk of the town for many times from all over newspaper front pages. Moreover, in 2011, the program had been nominated in Best Game of Quiz Program from Asia most wildly participated competition, 14th ASIAN TELEVISION AWARD.


There should be no fixed formula on TV program production, it needs adjustments & changes all the time. Nowadays viewers want to watch genuine & real contents, not hard core product placements & selling programs. My challenge is to balancing these two elements in each quality program I’m producing for viewers all over the country.

Mr.Varavuth Jentanakul Chief Executive Officer, Zense Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Asian Academy Creative Awards 2020

Asian Academy Creative Awards 2020

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Asian Television Awards 2018

งานหลักศิราจารึกพ่อขุนรามคำแหงมหาราชทองคำ ครั้งที่ 4 – 2560

งานหลักศิราจารึกพ่อขุนรามคำแหงมหาราชทองคำ ครั้งที่ 4 – 2560

งานประกาศรางวัล พิฆเนศวร ครั้งที่ 5

งานประกาศรางวัล พิฆเนศวร ครั้งที่ 5

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งาน The great awards ครั้งที่ 6

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Asian Television Awards 2017

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