Singer takes it all

Sundays at 13:15pm

Singer Takes It All, the only talent show featuring the longest carousel stage and a very simple rule.  Just walk up the high tech stage and do your best to impress three celebrity commentators and one hundred judges in the studio, just two buttons on their hands, "Hit" or "Miss",  More "Hit" and the carousel will moves you to the "Gold Zone" for an instant prize money, more "Miss" and you will be moved backwards till out of the stage, goodbye!  Then the longest stay in the "Gold Zone" of each week will get an additional prize money according to minutes spent in the "Gold Zone"

Airing on Channel 7 and Channel 7 HD, Sundays at 13:15pm
The host: Khun A Varavuth Jentanakul
Commentator: Tonhom Sakuntala and DJ Chao Chao Chavalit plus an additional of Invited Commentator of each week.

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