The Money Drop Thailand

Sunday 5.20 PM

The Money Drop Thailand is a high stake quiz game show in which a couple of contestants are taking on seven multiple choice questions for the right to secured their 60,000 USD cash prize and a Toyota Vios car. The show consists of three meters height stage and a device with four trapdoors. The format was premiered on 9th August 2015, airing Saturday on BBTV channel 7 at 5.30 p.m. onwards as it has been created by Endemol Shine Group.
For each question, the contestants have only 60 seconds to debate while placing their money on the trapdoors. The money will be dropped through the floor within the wrong sections and it will be secured within the only one correct section. The sixth and final question have only two choices left as the game forces the contestants to pull all their remaining money on one door. If the contestants lose all of their money before reaching the final question, the game ends immediately. However, if they are confident enough to keep placing all of their money on one answer, the left money is theirs to keep.

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