The Line

Sunday 1pm

The line Thailand is an outdoor game show format, which provides an opportunity to everyone to be rich. The game is very easy. A competitor just answers the questions, which only contains the answers “Yes” or “No”. There are only eight questions for each competitor. Each question costs 2,000 baht, but he or she must answer the eight questions correctly. If he or she answer wrong, the accumulated reward will be transferred to another competition behind. For example, if former competitor can only answer the four questions, the reward will be 8,000 baht, and he or she cannot pass the fifth questions. Then, the prize rewards will be sent to another competition behind. A new competitor has to answer new eight questions to get the reward.
Because there are a lot of people queuing for this game, host will provide games to them. If hopefuls can accomplish the games, they can choose between an amount of prize reward or Fast Track (getting a chance to be sent in front of the line).

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