The 60 seconds game

Monday-Thursday 6.30pm

The 60 seconds game is a half-hour hilarious & action game show that is packed with glittering rewards everyone can only dream off. The format was premiered on 23th January 2016, airing Monday - Thursday on TRUE4U at 6.00 p.m. onwards. The format has been created by Zense Entertainment. One player will be randomly selects a physical mission which he/she has to complete it within 60 seconds. Once the mission has been done, a treasure vault will be unlocked as the player will earn the right to get in there and grab whatever he/she wants. Some of the rewards are small enough for a single hand to carry, but others would require a lot of physical effort. However, if the clock runs out of 60 seconds and the player is still inside the treasure vault, the door will slam shut as the player is trapped in there. Completing 10 missions, the player will earn 100,000 BAHT.

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