Still Standing Thailand

Monday-Thursday 6.20pm and Fri. 6.00pm

Still Standing Thailand knocks both the contestants and viewers off their feet. It is a prime time game show format offers a hero the chance to win 30,000 USD cash prize in each episode by out guessing ten opponents in ten fast paced and dramatic trivia battles. As the clock winds down. The hero must fight to be the last one who is still standing. If they are left scrambling for the answer, they will literally be dropped from the game straight through the studio floor. . Known locally as Tok Sib Yib Larn, the format was premiered on 23th January 2016, airing Monday - Friday on BBTV channel 7.
One Hero attempts to defeat 10 opponents in a series of trivia showdowns to win 30,000 USD cash prize. The Hero stands at center stage, with the 10 Strangers standing around the perimeter and facing in toward the Hero. Each participant stands on af. The Hero challenges each Stranger, one by one, in an order selected by the Hero, in a head-to-head trivia battle. The host asks alternating questions, starting with the Stranger, with a series of partially filled-in blanks showing the words in the correct answer. The participant has 20 seconds to give the correct answer, starting from the moment the question appears. The answer must be given as spelled out in the puzzle. Multiple guesses are allowed, as long as the correct answer is given before time runs out. The Hero is given three passes at the start of the game. Passing a question forces the Stranger to answer it, with a fresh 20-second countdown. Strangers may not pass; they must answer every question put to them. The challenge ends when a contestant misses a question: the trapdoor under that person's feet opens, dropping the participant through the stage and eliminating him or her from the game with no winnings. If the Hero drops, The Quick Round will be started with the remaining contestants on the stage. The host asks a question to each one in turn, with 10 seconds on the clock instead of 20. Each correct answer adds 30 USD to a jackpot, while a wrong answer drops the Stranger with no winnings. The last one left standing wins the entire jackpot. As with a winning Hero, the winner has the option of walking out of the studio or dropping through the trap door.

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