Step Right Up

Saturday 2pm

Play, laugh and win prizes. The only game show you'll want to queue for. Each episode features four different rounds and games. Each game comes with a different prize and a different challenge some games might require physical skill and others might test the contestant’s talent or mental competence. About thirty people can participate per game. The contestants queue up and are given only one chance to play, which means there’s only one shot at winning the featured prize. Some of the physical challenges might include: scoring a hole-in-one on a mini golf course, piercing an apple with an arrow or returning a serve from a pro table tennis player. Other challenges are designed to unleash the hidden talents of the contestants such as, how well they can sing or dance to a Beyonc song. At the end of the show, the contestants who nearly failed to win a game have a last shot to see if they can turn their luck and take home a prize.

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