Sing Your Face Off

Saturday 6.20 pm

Sing Your Face Off, a spectacular prime time talent show in Thailand that pushed a group of celebrities to take on a new identity as International and local iconic music performers throughout twelve weeks. It involved with six famous and talented in singing and acting which are EST Kantapong, MAC Verakhanit, EAKY Ekachai, TUBTIM Anyarin, GRACE Glanklaw and Bifern Pudsakorn as they were trained and conducted by Thai well known music producers and choreographers to bring out the most stunning and surprising performances within each week to a win weekly popular award 1,000 USD cash prize for their selected charity foundations without any elimination in the entire series. Known locally as Plean Nar Tar Show, the format was premiered on 20th June 2015, airing Saturday on BBTV channel 7 at 3.45 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. Sing Your Face Off is originated in Spain as it has been created by Endemol Shine Group with the name of Your Face Sounds Familiar. Since the format debuted in Spain, there have been more than 38 versions worldwide.

In every week, the same group of celebrities would find out who they have to impersonate. Each presses a buzzer from a random selector to determine which famous singer they will become. Music producers, choreographers, stylists and special effect make up team will be ready to prepare them for their big performances. A panel of judges and competing celebrities award points for various merits. They are there to comment and judge a weekly winner. However, it is the audience who can determine the series winner by sending their SMS votes. The scores are tallied in each week, ranking the contestants from first to last. After each episode, every celebrity must press the buzzer again to find out who they will impersonate in the next episode.
In the season’s finale, 30,000 USD grand prize is waiting for the only one winner with the most popular votes receives to donate to a charity foundation of their choice.

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