The Honeymoon Fight

Monday 9.00 pm.

Here is the Dating Game show for couples to show how much they love each other. Come together with the greatest hosts “Khun Kai Samapon” and “Opal Panisara” who will be the helper for the couples in solving theirs everyday love life. This is the love quiz game show and also there will be the love expert, May “Mee Sense” and 2 special guesses who will also help and give advice to the contestant couples in their love life so they can win the “Grand prize” for free.

In the opening of the program, there will be “CP Will You Mary Me” section. Honey Moon Fight is the only show in Thailand which will help boyfriend in surprising his girlfriend or vice versa for married.

After that is the quiz game play period, during this period the contestant and the advisers’ team will help each other out in answering the love question. With the total of 3 questions, the first and second have the reward of 5,000 each and we will give it to you if the answer is correct. And the last question is the jackpot question if you and your couple picked the same answer, the total reward will double up.

Follow us on “Honey Moon Fight “every Monday from 9.00 pm. in 3SD channel.

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